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the corporate employees cooperate with absolute sincerity, help each other and grow together.
Responsibility: with “responsibility” in mind, how you conduct business is how you conduct yourself
Innovation: innovation is the essential condition for corporate development
Being far-sighted but starting small: do not think any virtue trivial, and so neglect it; Rome was not built in one day.

Cultural atmosphere:
Sunshine  With sunshine and positive attitude, employees appreciate each other; with sunshine working environment, employees work impartially in a cheerful mood; with sunshine living status, employees are healthy, happy, optimistic, friendly and tasteful;
Sincerity  Being open hearted, frank and sincere, employees dare to tell the truth and face problems with straight-out attitude without avoiding and prevarication;
Simplicity  Complicated problems and relationships are simplified to achieve simplicity and efficiency;
Tolerance  People are respected, understood, cared, cherished, liberated and developed, and different opinions mix together with different cultures.