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Address: No. 8, Lane 1226, Zhennan Road, Taopu Town, Shanghai
Tel: 021-59509988
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He who works diligently can make achievements. Boli Transmission sincerely recruits talents around the nation. As a prosperous and vigorous enterprise with fifteen years of history, we have been qualified by ISO9001 quality system, manufacture top quality products and dedicate to expand domestic and abroad markets. And our four major series of core products and industrial gear box are highly recognized by customers. The company is developing rapidly with a sales performance improving year by year. Here we provide outstanding talents with impartial job competition stage, robust incentive mechanism and abundant bonus; meanwhile, we reject all kinds of mediocrity through our strict evaluation system. We are eager for the joining of excellent people, if you are bold, rough and patient enough and long for high bonuses, come to join us…
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